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Teclast  uses high-speed flash memory to generate uniquely fast speeds at the best possible price-performance ratio. These quality discs have been in the European market for the third time and have proven to be extremely fast and reliable. They have been developed in collaboration with Intel with a very low probability of problems and defects, for which Teclast   has received several awards . 



  • Up to 520MB /s sequential read
  • Built-in 256MB high speed cache
  • Original manufacturers A level flash memory
  • Starting up faster by 300% (WIN8 living example)
  • Professional SMI master controller three-year warranty


Original Flash with strict quality and realibity

Adopted original flash memory, every flash was chosen  carefully, from the flash material to whole products, tested for several times, ensured the consistency, stability and higy quality of flash memory.


Real and Effective tested data

  • Sequential  read up to 520 mb/s
  • Sequential write up to 470 mb/s
  • Adopted AS SSD Benchmark test software empty disk mesured scores.
  • Adopted SOYO Z170 series mainboard Intel 15-6500 processor 8GB memory.
  • Actual testing data may vary ( Due to diffirence  of system drivers, hardware configuration, product batches). 


Reak Speed

TECLAST used the authority AS SSD Benchmark software for speed benchmarking test, the objectivity of its data is recognized by the industry, non-ATTO disk, lometer and other compressible algorithm software test data.




Full of Vitality leading the trend

Special customized orange color, 6 precision carving processes, complex 3 times than conventional shell. Using punching process with engrave figures created a unique three-dimensional sense, and finally through  the CNC precision trimming polishing, made procducts unique, exquisite eye-catching.


Professional in storage for 18 years

TECLAST technology entered storage field in 1999 and launches optical storage product lines. Launched USB drive in 2003 and mobile USB drive storage in 2010. We also witnessed the growth changes and development of storage carries; through  18 years' accumulation, they already  own the complete R & D team of storage and the supply chain of core components; the face of solid-state hard drive storage  area is undoubtedly a unique core competitiveness.


Fully inspect without omissions

Over 80 hours of rigorous testing process:

  • 250 times continuous cold/hot starts 
  • 2000 times sleep test
  • 8 hours continuous high temperature aging test
  • 8 hours low temperature aging test
  • 48 hours continuous reading and writing without interruption




  Form Factor 2.5 inches
  Capacity 240 GB
  Interface SATA III
  Transfer Rate at Read (MB / s) 510
  Recording Transfer Rate (MB / s) 380
  SATA Transfer Rate (MB / s) 6 Gbit / s
  Others Cool and Quiet
  Dimensions (W x L x H mm) 100 x 6.8 x 69.9
  Weight (g) Weight (g)
  Line-up 850-240GB
  Memory type V-NAND MLC Toggle
  Kind of controller Intel